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All Indian students are given the option by the Australian government to study there, but you must first apply for a student visa. Your age, the kind of education you want to pursue, and the length of your intended stay in Australia will all affect the sort of visa you require.

Why Australia is Topmost Preference to Study?

Australia has very much  to offer than the usual expectations. Many international students are choosing to study in Australia because of its friendly nature, excellent education system, and high standard of living.

Because of Australia’s education system and strong international reputation, graduates from Australian universities are in high demand. The government controls this system because to uphold the nation’s reputation for high-quality education.

While studying in Australia, students have permit to work up to 20 hours a week. This is a good chance for students who want to get work experience and for those who want to make money to pay for their living expenses while they are here.

What are the Study options in Australia? 

International students can choose from a variety of educational programmes in Australia. It features more than 1,100 educational institutions and 22,000 courses.

Australia’s educational institutions do well in terms of student satisfaction, quality of life, employability, and feeling of community. According to the QS ranking, Sydney and Melbourne are among the top ten best cities in the world for students.

High school programmes, TAFE (Technical and Further Education) courses, English language classes, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and VET (Vocational Education and Training) programmes are some of the courses that fall under this category.


What is the Cost of Studying and Living Accommodations in Australia?

Australia has greater school expenditures and much lower living expenses when compared to the US and UK. While attending classes, international students might work a part-time job to help with living expenses. Additionally there is a chance for scholarships, which helps to lower the cost of tuition for students from other countries.



Groceries and eating out 

AUD 140 – 280 per week

Gas, electricity

AUD 10 – 20 per week

Phone and Internet 

AUD 15 – 30 per week

Public transport 

AUD 30 – 60 per week

Car (after purchase) 

AUD 150 – 260 per week


AUD 80 – 150 per week



Cost of living

Students or guardians


Accompanied by a partner


Accompanied by a child


How to apply for Australia study visa?

You must apply for a student visa if you plan to study in Australia for a longer amount of time. Here, we walk you step-by-step through the application procedure.

You may use a tourist visa if you are enrolled in a short programme, such as a 12-week language study. You may study for up to 16 weeks if you have a Working Holiday visa. The processes listed below must be followed in order to apply for a student visa for university study and all lengthier programmes:


1.Apply to a school in Australia and get a COE

2.Create an account with the Australian immigration authorities

3.Make sure that you have all the needed documents in digital format

4.Complete the Visa application online

5.Pay the Visa Fee and get a TRN-Number

6.Possible health checkup and interview

7.Get your Visa decision

8.Travel to Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most visa applications take four weeks to process. Although visas can be processed quickly, it's well worth starting your visa application as soon as you've received your acceptance letter.