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Find the right French classes for you? Every thing you need for French classes prepration lesson and tips.French Language is 5th most extensively spoken language in world. Learning French language is easy and fun. People who can speak these languages open doors to many new  opportunities in various fields like Business, Medical , IT sector etc. Both in India and abroad. Our French Trainers are highly qualified and proficient in French Language.

Why learning French is Beneficial?

French is the second most widely spoken foreign language after English in the world. It’s an official spoken language in five continents across the world. 

A knowledge of French opens up doors for many job and study opportunities as well as you can also build up your present or future business openings with the growth of a French language expertise. Moreover, French is the one of the official spoken languages among many international organizations. 

Apart from this, French-speaking nations contribute significantly to the global economy, making up around 20% of all trade in goods. The economic benefits of learning French as a second language go beyond simply increasing your intelligence and apply to all aspects of global business.

What are the different levels of French Language?

IDCourse LevelsCourse Duration
Beginning French Level 1 (A1)100 hrs.
Low-Intermediate FrenchLevel 1 (A2)200 hrs.
Intermediate FrenchLevel 2 (B1)400 hrs.
Upper-Intermediate FrenchLevel 2 (B2)650 hrs.
Advanced FrenchLevel 3 (C1)900 hrs.
Near-Native FrenchLevel 3 (C2)Variable

What are the Career Opportunities after taking French Classes?

French speaker has a very significant importance in various fields both in India as well as Abroad. The French language opens up a bundle of career opportunities for the aspirants. French is the official language of 29 countries and other important regions, which serves as an advantage in the international job market as well!

  • Translators in multinational companies, publishing houses and many other areas.
  • Tour Guides for Tourists visiting different countries
  • Interpreter jobs in government organizations such as the UN, NGOs produces a great deal of profit.
  • Many multinational companies are ready to pay high salary packages to FRENCH speaking employees.
  • There is a growing need for French Trainers who are highly qualified to teach the language.


What are the types of French Proficiency Test?

The French language proficiency tests are given to people whose native language is not French. There are various French exams that accredit your level of command in the French language. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, you can assess your French capability by choosing one of the following French language tests.


  • DELF symbolizes Diplome d’ Etudes en Francaise while DALF symbolizes Diplome Approfondi de Langue Francaise. These two proficiency tests are designed for non-native French speakers as a way to certify French knowledge.
  • Levels are the only distinction between DELF and DALF. The DELF are targeted for level A1 and B2 while the DALF are intended for highest level C1 and C2.
  • There are 175 nations where candidates can take the DALF and DELF exams.


  • TCF symbolizes Le Test de Connaissance du Francais. It is a standardize test with questions that progress in level of language difficulty. From level A1 through level C2, it is available.
  • TCF is beneficial for all objectives (individual, scholarly competition)
  • TCF comprises of three mandatory tests (Listening, Proficiency in language structures, and Reading) and two additional tests (speaking and writing).
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