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Why Study in Canada ?

Study in Canada consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world—and is currently the #1 best country for quality of life. Studying in Canada will provide you with a globally recognized education from some of the world’s best educators and academics.

What are the advantages of study in Canada for international students? Many! Whether you choose to study in one of our large, vibrant cities or settle on a small campus in a warm, welcoming community, your experience will be one that will shape your life. It might lead to a career and a future in Canada, or it could lead to greater job opportunities back home. At the very least I t will provide you with access to our four gorgeous seasons, wide-open spaces, abundant wildlife, multicultural diversity, clean environment, and wonderful quality of life.

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Reasons to Study in Canada

Academic Excellence

Students can pick from a variety of specialty diplomas, advanced diplomas, and postgraduate diplomas.

Affordable fee and Cost of Living

The cost of education in Canada is lower. Student have part-time and full-time career possibilities to sustain themselves financially. Students can apply for scholarships to help with their educational costs.

Immigration opportunities

Canada is one of the most appealing nations for immigrants for a variety of reasons, including its immigration-friendly legislation, pleasant environment, and high standard of life.

Co-operative Education in Canada

Most co-op programs are structured in an alternating pattern, i.e., one semester or term of schooling is alternated with one semester or term of work.

Earn while you learn

The international students who study over in Canada have an opportunity to earn while they study. The students can work part-time for 20 hours on-campus or off-campus.

Post Work Permit Opportunity in Canada

With a PWP(Post Work Permit Opportunity) in Canada, you will have the opportunity to stay back up to 3 years and further extend it to permanent residence status

Canada Study Visa

The Canadian government offers Indian students the opportunity to study in the nation, but you must first secure a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

You’ll need an acceptance letter from a campus designated by a province or territorial government to host international students, also known as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), before you apply for a student visa, also known as a study permit, in Canada.

This is especially helpful for international students like you who want to guarantee that they enrol in an accredited institution rather than a for-profit college that provides worthless diplomas and transcripts.

You must submit your student visa application using the CIC’s official website. You have up to three months to apply before your planned visit to Canada. Remember that your application date is the day on which you pay your application fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for students seeking higher education. With one of the most stable economies in the world, Canada provides Indian and foreign students with a diverse selection of options.