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More than 1,000,000 students opting USA for further studies and experience lifestyle in this marvellous country. Moreover, the USA has the highest international student population in the world and now they make up over 5% of all students in higher education and their numbers are rising.

How to Apply for a USA Study Visa?

Indian students can study in the US with a relatively easy visa application process. To obtain your visa without any problems, you must carefully follow all the instructions. Following is a step-by-step approach for applying for a student visa for the United States:

  1. Submit an application to and get accepted by a US school recognised by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) (6 to 12 months prior to US study).
  2. You will obtain an I-20 or DS-160 form after being accepted at a SEVP-certified institution. To apply for USA Student visa, the form is required.
  3. Submit your US visa application at least three days before paying your SEVIS cost. You have two options for making the payment: online or on paper. On the official US Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) SEVP website, you may find out more about them.
  4. You can schedule an appointment to apply for a US student visa with a US consulate or embassy in your country after receiving your SEVIS form and paying the SEVIS fee.
  5. Pay the application fee for a visa. It is often referred to as the “MRV fee,” or Machine-Readable Visa Fee.
  6. Arranging and attending a US student visa interview is the last step. Check the website of the embassy or consulate to see what documentation is necessary.
  7. You must always use online mode to complete the DS-160 visa application form. Make your choice as to where you want to apply, and make sure you have all the information and documents needed for the application form.

What is the cost of studying and living accommodations in USA?

Utility costs that come with accommodation

Electricity: 50 to 100 USD per month, depending on the size of your flat; if you use electric heating, the total cost could reach 150 USD per month.

Heating costs between $50 and $100 per month. Internet costs between $45.00 and $50.00 per month. A phone plan costs $50.00 per month. The landlord typically pays for water, sewer, and trash. If not, those services cost between $50.00 and $75.00 per three-month period.

Food costs in the United States
The cost of groceries for one person each month ranges from $400 to $600. This depends on your eating preferences and whether meals are provided as part of your university housing. Shop at some of the most affordable supermarkets, such as Walmart, Target, Costco, and Trader Joe’s.

If you choose to live in a resident hall, you can choose one of the on-campus meal plans, which would cost you about $250 USD per month.

Requirement to Fulfill for Getting USA Student Visa?

Documents required for a US student visa

When applying for your student visa for the US, you will generally need:

  • A valid passport that will still be valid at least six months after your visit to the US (unless exempt by country specific agreements)
  • Your Form I-20 and acceptance to a school that has received SEVP approval.
  • Payment of the SEVIS application fee; • Submission of the Form DS-160 confirmation page and an application for a non-immigrant visa.
  • Your image in the format required, as well as the number

Additional paperwork that can be needed includes:

  • Academic preparation materials including transcripts, degrees, certificates, or diplomas
  • Proof that you have the money to cover your living expenses for the duration of your stay in the US. This might comprise:
  1. Bank records / statements.
  2. Financial commitment from a sponsor to pay for your lodging and living expenses
  3. a scheme for scholarship program.
  • Proof that you’ll depart theYou may also have to appear for a personal interview at the US embassy or consulate. 

Online Registration

How to Apply for an F1 Visa?

To application process for the F1 visa you have to follow these steps:

  1. Get your admissions documents from the SEVP institution.
  2. Apply online through the DS-160 form.
  3. Pay the application fee.
  4. Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee.
  5. Schedule your F1 visa interview.
  6. Submit the file with the F1 visa required documents.
  7. Attend the student visa interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students in F-1 visa status must do the following:

1. You may work off-campus only with prior permission from the USCIS;
2. You must attend the specific school for which your visa has been approved;
3. Your spouse and children (in F-2 status) may not work in the United States; and,
4. You may not apply for a U.S. Green Card.